Monday, February 19, 2007

You've got to stand for something

Or you'll fall for anything.

Like what the Democrats are trying to pull with the Iraq Resolution. They want to scuttle George Bush and they don't care how. Power means more than our children's future.

The fact is we have an obligation to the Iraqi people. We broke it and we need to fix it. We need to do whatever it takes to keep our commitment. When I make a commitment for my company to a customer it is up to me to see that obligation is met. There are all sorts of words to describe that; good customer service, honorable behavior, etc. As important as such things might be for a company who wants to stay in business, they are vital where national behavior is concerned.

If I thought the war was wrong, I would be for pulling out. If you knew your neighbor was torturing his kids, but he only did it in his house or in his yard would you condone the torture? National borders are a fiction that we give reality. The Iraqi people needed saving-No Arab nation stepped up to the plate, and the UN only huffed and puffed, but wasn't going to blow the house down. Now that we have brought law and order, who opposes us? If we pull out, what will happen to the Iraqis?

The only hard decisions are the ones where you have to choose between what is right and what you want to do. Continuing a commitment that gets our troops killed is not what anyone wants.

The Democrats are trying to turn Iraq into Vietnam. We lost in Vietnam because we lost the will to fight. We know now that we had won militarily, despite what the press and the protesters believed. Had we held on, North Vietnam would have admitted defeat. Now, all our enemies know that they just have to hang on and outlast us and we will surrender. But the Democrats want to speed up the process. Oppose any change in strategy such as the "surge" - we must keep doing only what we know isn't working. Don't invade Iran no matter how great the provocation, our enemies need a safe haven, and a source of funds and weapons. And for God's sake don't give General Petraeus time.

I used to consider myself an independent, but when an entire Party (with 2 notable exceptions) votes to support our enemies over our President I've lost my independence, and I ain't a Democrat.

You want the war over quickly? Then take the gloves off. We are fighting Islamofacists. Iran is a big driver in the ideology and petrodollars are a big source of funds. Invade Iran and perform a regime change. Kill anyone who supports the Islamofacist ideal. Set a goal of killing them all within 3 months-there will be a lot of killing. We can work out the oil details with Russia and China so that we are all happy. Move to Syria, repeat steps A & B. Move to Pakistan, repeat steps A&B. Move to Venezuela, repeat steps A&B. Excuse me while I try to exorcise Genghis Khan.


Fortunately for all of us President Bush isn't asking me or Genghis how to run this war. He is using a lot of diplomacy (N. Korea anyone).

The reason principles are important in an elected leader is that it gives the voter confidence that the votee will do the right thing. You can't govern a superpower by polls. Too many of the electorate are uninformed about the details required to make a good decision. That is why the principles of the candidate are so important.

If we invaded Iraq for the wrong reasons, doesn't that obligate us even more to fix things? I would really like to hear the Democrats answer to that question.